We are committed to providing knowledgeable, dedicated,
and vigorous representation to every client.


Napier LawExcellent Representation

We will bring our legal knowledge to bear on your situation. We will thoroughly research your case to ensure that every potential avenue is explored in order to achieve the best possible outcome.


Honesty and Transparency

We will provide you with a straight forward assessment of your legal situation along with a transparent fee structure.



When you call, we will answer. No matter how big or small, your case is important to us. We will make every effort to respond to your e-mails and to return your calls as soon as possible.



Law is our passion. We will zealously advocate on your behalf regardless of your particular situation. We will provide legal representation you can trust at rates you can afford.


At Napier Law, we represent clients in complex immigration matters ranging from removal proceedings to intricate asylum claims. We also assist clients in family law related matters such as divorce, custody/support and paternity suits. Our office is client-centered, thus, our primary focus is you, the client. If you or someone you know need assistance with an immigration or family law matter, we encourage to contact our office to a free consultation with one of our attorneys.