Deportation & Removal Defense

Deportation DefenseAt Napier Law, we understand how difficult it is to be torn away from your home, your family, and the life you have struggled to build in the United States. That is why we are committed to your case from the very beginning. Whether you find yourself facing deportation or removal as a result of a criminal offense or for an illegal entry, we will conduct a thorough analysis of your case to determine any relief for which you may be eligible.

If you are facing deportation or removal, contact our office immediately. Our exceptional team of attorneys will zealously advocate on your behalf. Whether or not you entered the United States legally or illegally, your individual rights must be protected. We will explore all available legal remedies and will pursue any and all relief available to you.

We have successfully represented numerous clients seeking Deportation or Removal relief based on

  • Legal Permanent Resident Cancelation of Removal
  • Non – Legal Permanent Resident Cancellation of Removal
  • Adjustment of Status
  • Asylum
  • Withholding of Removal
  • Convention Against Torture
  • Prosecutorial Discretion
  • Voluntary Departure

If you or a family member has the unfortunate experience of dealing with deportation, we encourage you to contact our office at (617) 320-3711 to schedule a free consultation. Our Boston office is conveniently located at 98 N. Washington Street, Suite 403, Boston MA. We also offer appointments in our Braintree office.

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